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Helical Anchors Inc. with its 30+ years of experience in the earth boring industry brings new solutions to the soil stabilization and foundation industry. Helical Anchors Inc, a family owned and operated company applies its state of the art technology and expertise to change the way the foundation industry installs foundation piles/anchors. Our superior choice of raw materials, “new” design and fabrication techniques make our anchors the anchors of the future.

Helical anchors have presented many solutions for different types of projects. This section will summarize the advantages of their use.
They produce small or no vibration during installation, decreasing possible damage to the structures from soil movement.
They can be installed in any weather conditions and may be loaded immediately after installation; there is no cure time as with concrete foundations.
Easy installation; there is no need for excavation and they can be installed in limited access areas.
They are quick to install and there is no need of big equipment in comparison with other types of deep foundation construction.
They can be installed in soft surface and high water table conditions.
Prediction of capacity is found after installation from torque to capacity relationship, useful to verify theoretical capacity.
Installation produces no spoils to remove or remediate.

Unique Features
Helical Anchors, Inc. has developed new ways of fabrication with superior raw materials that make our products the best in the market.
Seamless tube shafts with high tensile strength give our products higher torsion strength than our competitors. This allows installation into stronger soil strata for higher load capacity. Helical Anchors, Inc. products have the highest torque ratings in the industry.
Our telescoping connections are precision CNC machined for a stronger connection.
The connections are inertia welded allowing a streamlined one piece design.
High-strength helical bearing plates combine with the high-torsion-strength shafts to allow higher compression loads than our competitors.
Quality galvanizing (hot-dipped process) for enhanced underground corrosion resistance.

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