Slope Stabilzation

East Coast Piles provides cost-effective and reliable solutions to increase stability of failing or marginally-stable slopes and embankment.

Site-specific solutions are tailored for your project, using a variety of technologies to address conditions ranging from shallow slope instability to deep-seated global stability problems, including

Pressure Grouting: Pressure grouting involves the injection of a liquefied cementitious material, under pressure, into voids.

Chemical Grouting: Chemical grouts are an efficient and cost-effective means to bind in-situ soil particles and seal narrow joints, fractures and seeps.

Compaction Grouting: Compaction grouting improves the bearing capacity of foundations and underlying soils by pumping a low-slump cement mixture into the soil, under pressure.

Cement Grouting: Cement or slurry grouting is the pressurized injection of flowable particulate grouts into open cracks, voids and expanded fractures.

The East Coast team of professionals will expertly assess the best method for your slope stabilization project. You will have peace of mind knowing your foundation is stabilized.

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